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Full scale project development - Concept, Architecture, Planning, UX/UI Design, Development, QA and Project Management

Full scale project development

Infoleven is a WEB and MOBILE development company.

We offer long-term service for corporate clients, as well as project-based support for SME.

Our teams build a workflow that is an extension and complement to your internal organization and structure, allowing maximum efficiency and quality in our common operations.

Concept, Architecture, Planning, UX/UI, Development, QA and Project Management


Front end is the face and appearance of the project. It forms your experience in a website or web application by creating the structure of the page, dressing it with style, color and font and putting some personal touch with extras like animations.


Back end is the backbone and support of the living and breathing web organism. It helps the website to work, update and change. Also provides the digest of information with databases and servers. Pure magic!


UX/UI Design is what makes everything look and feel good. It brings the users on an enchanting journey through the website or the app and gives the optimistic perception, which everybody need for their web platforms.

Mobile Applications

Mobile Application is the way to charm the modern consumer whose preference is for using mobile phone and tablet by providing them with specific functionalities. Whether you set on native or hybrid mobile solutions we can develop according to your business needs.

Responsive Design

Responsive web design is a kind gesture to all your customers, providing them with the perfect quality and arrangement of your web content, regardless of the device they are using. It gives your website flexibility by resizing, moving or hiding its elements. Knowing that responsive design is a must nowadays we apply it to every project.

Project Management

Project management is the art of planning, organizing and executing a project from start to finish. It is the glue that connects all other branches of the creation process, what helps the team function together to achieve the goals within the arranged terms. The quality of our production is monitored at every step of the workflow.

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Outsourcing of web applications development and online platforms for corporate customers

Specific Services as Part of the Development

Specific services as part of the application development process: Concept development, UX/UI, front-end/back-end programming, testing, coordination, and communication

Dedicated Teams

Dedicated teams, also cross-functional, for full or specific service development or programming, QA, project management, and design

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