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The company offers a web-platform and mobile-app for co-working spaces and co-workers to make their lives easier.

For co-working spaces, the company offers a digital platform for holistic business building with support on marketing and advertising. For co-workers, the platform offers ways to give and get back from the community – new skills, added-value, and financial benefits – all through the marketplace.

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The platform offers digital tools to manage the internal operations of co-working spaces allowing users to make the most of their space – from member-management to payments tracking, from asset-management to analytics capabilities. The platform includes tools to engage with the community and enable the co-working community to interact among themselves via events, sharing, collaboration, and socialization using the "digital key smart app."

The marketplace for co-workers is app-based. It is designed for ease-of-use, allowing the user to choose and book in just a few steps. Co-working spaces can also list their places through the app and track the state-of-the-business, and manage the bookings and/or booking requests. The management platform is web-based. It is centered around an intuitive dashboard with a focus on "getting things done" for productivity, events, members, and targeted communication for engaging the community. Upcoming are integrations with Wi-Fi systems, keyless door-access management systems, printers, communication tools, payment systems and others.

The digital key for co-workers is our distinctive competitive advantage where we are turning the smart phone into a context-driven "digital key" for the co-workers to interact with the co-working space and the community. 

We are aiming at digitizing and simplifying check-ins, on-boarding, and community engagement.

The system allows payments through PayPal, Stripe or via other common credit card methods. The platform includes other perks like 2-way ratings & reviews, flexible passes for nomads, loyalty programs.

"Very well done so far! Looking forward to the next phase!"


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