Melita Ltd.

About the project


One of Malta's telecoms operating in the field of mobile telephone networks, fixed lines, internet, Wi-Fi, and TV

Our role:

Based on a long-term support relationship with a team of five - system architect, developers, and a project manager - we implement new software and integrate existing systems.

Example challenge:

Our customer wanted a SOAP webservice integration for top-up payments via our own payment system. The company would like to provide a holistic condensed customer overview to agents handling customer requests (answering sales enquiries, scheduling, and fulfilling new orders, addressing customer complaints and difficulties). The objective is to present key essential information from the various BSS subsystems in one screen to improve service levels.


Our team created two web services ValidateTopup and ActionTopup. ValidateTopup is to verify if the mobile pre-paid top-up process should proceed. The customer performs a number of validations to ensure that the top-up action is possible. All top-up attempts are first authorized through this web service method before proceeding to collecting cash and ActionTopup. ActionTopup is to perform the top-up following authorization via ValidateTopup and cash provided by the customer.

"Good job guys!"

Raphael Borg Ellul Vincenti

Development Team Lead at Melita Plc

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