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We are developing a variety of web and mobile projects for clients all over the world

We work with companies of all sizes in a wide range of industry sectors. And based on previous experience, with precise planning and good organization, things work! The quality of our production and the efficiency of our team are monitored and analyzed at every step of the workflow. We would love to give you support in maintaining your projects and walk with you during their development through time to optimization, updates, and next versions.

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The company offers a web-platform and mobile-app for co-working spaces and co-workers to make their lives easier.

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The benefits of the system are complex and create conditions to improve health care and ensure timely medical assistance to the population in small towns.

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Melita Ltd.

Our customer wanted a SOAP webservice integration for top-up payments via our own payment system.

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Case Study 1

Our customer, a German car manufacturer, needed development of a web marketing campaign for a new model release.

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Our customer needed to revamp its e-commerce solution - We achieved the goal with a team of 3 people - a PM, a designer and a full-stack...

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Our team of 4 – Front-end developers, one of them added back-end functionality, other created twitter ticker, which has integration with...

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City Stories

City Stories is a native Android app (GO Game) about completing quests in real-life environments.

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