About the project

The benefits of the system are complex and create conditions to improve health care and ensure timely medical assistance to the population in small towns. With its introduction reducing the cost of transport of residents of the municipality and shortens the delivery of health services to citizens. On the other hand, Telehealth improves the quality of health services to the population and regularly monitors the status of chronically ill patients.

The system consists of the following devices:

  • - Gateways for data transfer

  • - Bluetooth-enabled electronic devices for measuring blood pressure

  • - Bluetooth-enabled finger oximeters

  • - Bluetooth-enabled thermometers

  • - Bluetooth-enabled glucometer

  • - Alarms

telehealth scheme

The health cloud system allows simultaneous, 24/7 and remote monitoring and recording of various vital parameters of multiple subjects. The solution consists of two independent systems that work together to achieve the objectives of the project - cloud system and system hardware.

Cloud system provides the necessary interfaces for recording and storing data with vital indicators responsible for their safekeeping and displays them appropriately for doctors and assistants. It also monitors deviations from the reference values of the measured parameters and can send messages via SMS and email to the assistants and relatives of the patient. 

The system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The data security is guaranteed and prevents against unauthorized access. Access to the system is only implemented via secure channels and protocols. Communication with hardware components is also done through a secure connection. The system is accessible from various devices - PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone and in different browsers and operating systems. The user interface allows convenient use of the system of devices with different screen sizes and responsive design for different types of resolutions.

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