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City Stories LLC




Russland & Europa

Еingesetzte Technologien:

Back-end: Java

API: Java

Mobile: Native Android & iOS (Swift 4.1)

AR: Vuforia Library

Landing page: Blocs for Mac


Dedicated Team;

Mobile Development;

UI/UX Design;

Front-end Development;

Back-end Development;

Project Management;

Quality Assurance;


Ongoing, long-term

1 year for Scope One/First Release


Waterfall für Scope one

Kurze Beschreibung:

City Stories ist eine interaktive, native Android-App (GO-Game) in der Quests in realen Umgebungen abgeschlossen werden müssen. Jede Quest besteht aus verschiedenen Aufgaben, die vom Benutzer gelöst werden müssen, um mit der nächsten Aufgabe fortfahren zu können.

Details zum Projekt:

The project consists of four parts – an Android App, iOS App, API and Admin panel. To be able to discover and buy quests, the users should be registered and logged-in.

The first phase we created is single-player only. It is lightweight and works fast on all Android devices above version 4.4 KitKat. The game provides the best possible performance and user experience to satisfy and encourage users to make another purchase – a new quest or to replay an old one.

Google Maps is used for Map implementation.

Another interesting feature of the app we started implementing is the Augmented reality (AR). It will work in two directions:

  • As a separate task part of the quests – you scan the searched object (described in the specific quest) with your phone. It is registered, recognized and verified so that you can continue to the following task
  • AR button with a free clue – for some tasks you may receive free hints via AR functionality. You are directed to a specific location or to a defined object. When you scan the object with your phone it is replaced in real time by the promised clue (picture, text etc.) for the task.

With the help of advanced AR technologies, we made the information about the surrounding world interactive and digitally manipulable. Parts of the real environment and its objects can be overlaid in real time. This allows for wide range of creative and inventive opportunities if you manage to think outside of the box.

Here is what CityStories’ CEO has to say about working with us:


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