We develop mesmerizing software products
Full scale project development - Concept, Architecture, Planning, UX/UI Design, Development, QA and Project Management

We develop mesmerizing software products

Full scale project development - Concept, Architecture, Planning, UX/UI Design, Development, QA and Project Management
Full Stack Project Development
From the idea to a complete product! We have all your needs covered – UI and UX design, Front-End and Back-End development, QA, Project Management and Maintenance.
Specific Development Services
We also provide specific individual services in order to complete your project! For example, you can bring us a completed design for coding: Front-end, Back-end or both.
А Long Term, Dedicated Team
We provide dedicated teams to complete the software part of your project. A single team of people with the required skills is formed according to the project's specifics and longevity.


Infoleven is extremely reactive, very friendly and they feel in general as an extension of our own company rather than a subcontractor; the tone during discussions is always constructive and supportive. We always have had the same person of contact, who internally delegates to other team members/specialists the tasks if necessary. We're positively surprised by the fact that from day one everything works smoothly, there was practically no adjustment necessary on either side.
Beat Bruehwiler
CEO of Atracsys
Infoleven erleichtert mir als Product Owner die Arbeit sehr. Sie haben immer in offenes Ohr für Fragen. Außerdem konnten Sie sich schnell in unser spezielles System einarbeiten und zügig Hilfestellung leisten. Das Preis/Leistungsverhältnis ist überdies hervorragend. Ich würde Infoleven uneingeschränkt weiterempfehlen.
Clemens Fetzer
Digital Project Manager of DLD Media (a Burda platform)
Depending on my workload, I could give you either high-level requirements or precise technical implementation details and on whatever level I gave it to you, you could get the job done! Focus on good and clear communication and pragmatic solutions. You care a lot about customer satisfaction.
Emanuel Steger
CEO of visible bytes
The most important thing for our product is to react fast to user's feedback and change the app accordingly. Your designers and programmers managed to achieve that and gave useful ideas to improve the product!
Aleksey Groshev
Founder & CEO of CityStories
Good job guys!
Raphael Borg Ellul Vincenti
Development Team Lead at Melita Plc
We've defined a weekly phone call, where we discuss all open issues, we exchange information and I can really rely on you for things to be done! I am happy about it.
Ronald Mohr
Die Zusammenarbeit ist angenehm und produktiv. Termine werden realistisch geschätzt und eingehalten. Außerdem profitieren unsere gemeinsamen Projekte von den Ideen und der Erfahrung von Infoleven.
Max Hänecke
User Experience & Design at Books on Demand GmbH
We chose Infoleven as a long-term partner as we wanted a company to be fully engaged on our journey, rather than simply a transactional service provider. We've developed good teamwork together with very open and transparent communication, removing bottlenecks and ensuring the relevant stakeholders are kept informed while not losing sight of the goal. The team plays a huge part in the overall success of the app and therefore the overall product.
Graham Smith
Managing Director at Volopa

Our clients

Hubert Burda Media - One of the Largest Tech and Media Groups in Germany
tracdelight - Part of Burda Studios/ Hubert Burda PH - Germany
Auto1 Group - Europe's leading car trading platform and digital automotive expert - Germany
Melita - Malta's Largest Telecommunication Provider
Talenttree - Digital Recruitment Consultant for Innovative Startups - Germany
UDG - Leading Digital Agency in Germany
Calvendo - First Class Print & Publishing Platform - Germany
Cowork7/24 - Biggest Co-Working Spaces Platform in Europe
Volopa - innovator in the global payments and foreign money exchange

Infoleven is
ISO/IEC 27001:2013 &
ISO 9001:2015 certified

With our ISO/IEC 27001:2013 for Information Security Management and ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management we are even more confident to strive to meet the highest expectations of all our customers and guarantee outstanding quality at every stage of our software projects!

What we do

Infoleven is a WEB and MOBILE development company.

We offer long-term services for corporate clients, as well as project-based support for SME.

Our teams build a workflow that is an extension and complement to your internal organization and structure, allowing maximum efficiency and quality in our common operations.

Concept, Architecture, Planning, UX/UI, Development, QA and Project Management

Front end is the face and appearance of the project. It forms your experience in a website or web application by creating the structure of the page, dressing it with style, color and font and putting some personal touch with extras like animations.
Back end is the backbone and support of the living and breathing web organism. It helps the website to work, update and change. Also provides the digest of information with databases and servers. Pure magic!
UX/UI Design is what makes everything look and feel good. It brings the users on an enchanting journey through the website or the app and gives the optimistic perception, which everybody need for their web platforms.
Mobile Applications
Mobile Application is the way to charm the modern consumer whose preference is for using mobile phone and tablet by providing them with specific functionalities. Whether you set on native or hybrid mobile solutions we can develop according to your business needs.
Responsive Design
Responsive web design is a kind gesture to all your customers, providing them with the perfect quality and arrangement of your web content, regardless of the device they are using. It gives your website flexibility by resizing, moving or hiding its elements. Knowing that responsive design is a must nowadays we apply it to every project.
Project Management
Project management is the art of planning, organizing and executing a project from start to finish. It is the glue that connects all other branches of the creation process, what helps the team function together to achieve the goals within the arranged terms. The quality of our production is monitored at every step of the workflow.

What we can help you with

You can improve your efficiency and overall business results by letting your smart devices communicate. Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) technology is the concept of connecting devices, machines and objects to the Internet, allowing them to share and exchange information with us, with each other and the world around them. These intelligent devices can be sensed and controlled remotely and reduce the need for human intervention. They are used in various directions – building and home automation, manufacturing, retail, medical and healthcare, transportation and many others and shape our daily life and business.
Digitization and Digital Transformation
We will lead you on the journey of digital transformation – optimizing work processes and business ecosystem, team interactions and business assets, customer experience and partners relations. We are not only replacing manual tasks and reducing the time spent on repetitive work with digital solutions, we evaluate and transform overall processes to help organizations work smarter and more efficiently. Digitization gives managers the opportunity to make decisions based on better understanding and analysis of comprehensive data. Digital transformation is not a one-off effort, but rather a complex and multiphase process, which should be planned, managed and measured. Understanding company's challenges and embracing the potential of technology sets you up to be flexible and ready to grow.
Solutions with AI and Machine learning
Consider using machine learning in cases of complex tasks or problems that need to be solved, involving a large amount of data and lots of variables. ML focuses on allowing computers and programs to automatically learn and improve from experience by accessing and analyzing data and adjusting their actions accordingly. This technology helps you make better decisions, identify profitable opportunities or dangerous risks. Machine learning can, for example, be used for image/voice/text processing and recognition, face detection, in automotive for predictive maintenance, in marketing for product recommendation and programmatic advertising, in finance for credit scoring and algorithmic trading, in medicine for diagnosis and treatment suggestions.
Big Data
We help you benefit from big data technologies when existing databases and applictions can no longer scale to support your needs. Big data refers to voluminous and complex dataflows that cannot be adequately processed by the traditional application software. The information is usually generated in real time and in large scale, coming from sensors, devices, networks, log files, transactional applications, web and social media. If companies manage to capture, store, analyse and transfer it, this could be the key for increasing their productivity, innovation and competitiveness.
We can offer you a structured approach to ERP, so that you can standardize and automate your business processes and improve the efficiency of operations. The ERP system manages and integrates all important areas of your business such as planning, sales, marketing, finance, accounting, purchasing, inventory and human resources. It provides you with shared database so that different departments can easily communicate and share information with each other and the rest of the company.
Building an intuitive system that controls all the information about your customers can dramatically improve productivity, customer satisfaction and overall business results. The CRM software collects and documents customer information across different channels into a single database so that everyone in the company can access, manage and organize leads and partners. You can also record various customer interactions and automate workflow processes such as tasks, calendars and alerts.

Some of the industries we are working with

We provide highly educated and experienced dedicated teams in the field of web and mobile development so that your company can deliver reliable data and voice transfer/communication and better customer service.
We know that productivity, customer satisfaction and overall business results can improve dramatically if You implement a system that manages all the knowledge you maintain about your customers.
Start-ups need to adapt quickly to the needs of the market and reach their target audience as fast as possible on a reasonable price. We can offer scalable software solutions and fast infrastructure development within a set price range. We cover the whole project creation – from concept and design to front-end and back-end development.
Digital Agencies
In the digital era we currently live in, the fastest way for your advertising strategies, promotions and events to reach people, is through web and mobile. We choose all the right technologies to realize complex front-end projects and craft our workflow according to your specific project in order to bring your ideas to life.

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