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Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) represent 90 percent of all businesses and are the engine of any economy in the European Union and worldwide.

The digital age offers significant advantages for SMEs in all economic sectors to grow business and build customers’ trust. With this great opportunity comes the potential impact it may have on people and the new skills they have to adopt in order to be up-to-date with new technology. INFOLEVEN can help you by providing the highly educated and experienced teams in the field of web and mobile development that your projects require.

Speed up decision making process with ERP system

We will assist your company to generate efficiency and speed up the decision-making process by designing ERP or CRM systems. ERP, an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning, is a powerful business tool that can save time and money by managing and integrating the important areas of a business, like planning, sales, marketing, finance, accounting, purchasing, inventory and human resources. The main feature of the ERP system is the shared database, which helps different departments communicate and share information more easily with each other and the rest of the organization. We can offer you a structured approach to ERP, so that you can standardize and automate your business processes and improve the efficiency of operations.

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CRM system for better business results

On the other hand, customers and customer relations are two of the most important elements of every business. We can build, improve or help you manage a digital CRM system that gathers information about customers across different channels (a website, telephone, live chat, direct mail, marketing materials and social media). CRM software collects and documents customer information into a single database so that everyone in the company can access, manage and organize leads and partners. You can also record various customer interactions and automate workflow processes such as tasks, calendars and alerts.

Building an intuitive system that controls all the knowledge you maintain about your customers can dramatically improve productivity, customer satisfaction and overall business results.

Here are some of the technologies we are working with

We will choose all the right technologies to transform your ideas into a web or mobile product. For the front-end development, we can recommend Angular.JS as extremely powerful JavaScript framework for creating single-page applications. On the other hand, our back-end devs are experts on Ruby on Rails, a great tool for rapid prototyping, as well as Microsoft’s .NET framework, which supports building and running the next generation of applications and web services on Windows clients, servers and mobile or embedded devices. Moreover, we are familiar with the secrets of Java Spring, which provides an easy, secure and efficient way to handle even the most complex forms and algorithms. One of the greatest contributions of Spring is the ability to structure entire applications in a consistent and productive manner, pulling together a coherent architecture.


JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, LESS, SASS, Angular.JS, Backbone.JS, Foundation, Bootstrap, jQuery, ReactJS


Ruby on Rails, Node.JS, Express.JS, MVC.NET, Java


User experience and interface concept development

Last but not least, we are invested and engaged with your unique project to help you see the obstacles, solve the difficulties and enhance its strengths. No matter what programming technology we decide best fits your idea, the final product we deliver will definitely speak the language of tomorrow.

We would like to demonstrate our knowledge and experience with some of the projects we have fulfilled.

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Our Portfolio of Projects

We work with companies of all sizes in a wide range of industry sectors. Based on previous experience, with precise planning and good organization, things work! Check out our portfolio of projects and see for yourself.

“Very well done so far! Looking forward to the next phase!”


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