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The evolving expectations of today’s digital users and the demand for new and innovative services affects all aspects of the digitalization in the automotive industry. In fact, in the near future all components of the mobility value chain will be digitalized: from the manufacturing process, over the transformation of the sales process and car dealership to vehicle maintaining and repairing services.

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Some companies in the automotive are afraid to initiate the digital change of their company – fearing of the uncertain outcome, the tones of work or the fact that the day-to-day work remains. Yet digitalization is just an inevitable answer to series of urgent needs arising from the growing technological innovations and the changing customer expectations.

THE BEAUTY OF THE BEAST… CALLED DIGITIZATION is a practical guide how companies in various industries (transportation, finance, healthcare, telecommunication, transportation, media, manufacturing, etc.) can increase ROI, improve efficiency and provide better customer experience by digitalizing their work processes.

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Automotive and E-mobility

In the automotive and e-mobility Infoleven helps both corporates and startups involved in e-cars production, automotive supply and refueling stations with:

Custom software for management of repair shops in the automotive

Recruitment process optimization and automation

Tailormade storage, disposition and tracking software

Order management systems and custom ERP systems

Document management systems, analysis and reporting

MVPs for startups

IoT - connecting devices through software

Other specialized software, according to your project needs

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