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Company presentation for Netlight Consulting Munich

We are a great team of tech inspired people, who are interested in supporting our clients and partners in innovative and challenging projects. We cover the full-scale software project implementation – from the idea, through requirements elicitation, design, coding, quality assurance to GoLive and maintenance.

We spent time constantly improving our workflow, according to our client’s needs and project specifications so that we can deliver precise and high-quality services. To do so, we work with the latest technologies. Our expertise lies within Telecom systems, Market places, (Social) Media, Process digitization, System integrations and payments. New areas we are conquering with our current projects are Machine Learning, Internet of things (IoT)/ Smart Home and innovations in the energy sector.

Most of our customers are based in Germany and we understand the high-quality standards. Moreover, our Account Managers are fluent in German, int and all our team members speak English.

For corporate partners we offer a long-term service – dedicated teams with the required skills and according to the projects’ specifics. The team members concentrate only on one project at a time, they are used to working within virtual teams and in multicultural environments.

Infoleven Logo White

Prominent clients

One of the Largest Tech and Media Groups in Germany

Part of Burda Studios/ Hubert Burda PH - Germany

Leading Digital Agency in Germany

Malta's Largest Telecommunication Provider

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Technology stack

Front End

React.JS, Angular, Vue.js, HTML5, CSS3, Less/Sass/Stylus/PostCSS

Back End

Java, Java Spring, Node.js, PHP, Ruby on Rails


WordPress, Typo3


iOS, Android, React.Native

Culture and Values

Infoleven's purpose is to build a great place to work at - a safe environment that allows us to experiment, learn, improve, grow and inspire others to do the same

We make a positive difference in the world by developing solutions that help our partners achieve their goals and solve real problems!

We love building lasting collaborations, where we value open communication and feedback. We believe such communication within our teams and towards our clients and partners is crucial for the successes of the projects we execute. We discuss every challenge transparently, because together we find better ways of handling each situation.

We learn constantly, explore and build expertise in new technologies and trends in software development. We have built a culture where our team members learn from each other and exchange knowledge by organizing weekly internal workshops. We support and motivate the development of responsible managers and decision-makers, who form our self-managed teams. They manage the planning and scheduling of the workflow as well as the technical tasks and development.

We are extremely focused on understanding our clients’ priorities and making sure we provide dedicated support especially in the important moments for them such as design reviews from the company’s stakeholders, product’s demo presentations, product launches and other.



As an approved Burda IT supplier, we worked with the largest network and full-service provider for authentic micro and macro influencer marketing in Germany – tracdelight GmbH. Their platform connects publishers (bloggers, influencers, etc.) with fashion, beauty, home, food and sport brands and gives them the opportunity to earn money by sharing their products on social media and blog posts.

We did a full revamp and transfer of their outdated system onto a new, freshly build platform.

Our team worked on both the front-end and back-end part of the rebuilt publisher platform. The business logic of the system was kept untouched and in addition we implemented improved user interface.

We developed an automation tool, that helps publishers create a widget, which is filled automatically with a defined set of products. The users can choose between different layouts and product sets. All available products can be controlled by a set of filters (category, price, brand, etc.). Some of the filters feature an include/exclude switch.

One of the greatest advantages of the application is the precise statistics the system extracts with a detailed information about the bloggers’ website visits and clicks. These data analytics help publishers improve their advertisement strategy. Infoleven took part in the adjustment and writing of the statistics back-end logic and entirely created the front-end part.

Another interesting feature we created is the tracking link generator extension, which can be used on Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Our partners at tracdelight were particularly happy with the ability of the team to apply the agile methodology and cooperate with a product owner from the client’s side. Our team successfully collaborated within a larger project team distributed on different locations. The online meetings were supported by planned on-site visits from both companies. Regular feedback rounds enhanced the positive progress and development of the team to ensure our long-term partnership.

Technologies Used:

  • The front-end part was developed in React.JS
  • For the back-end logic and server integration we used Node.JS and Python
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City Stories

City Stories is an interactive native mobile (Android & iOS) application – a GO Game about completing quests in real-life environments. Each quest consists of tasks which the user needs to solve in order to proceed to the next quest.

This long-term project consists of four parts – an Android App, iOS App, API and Admin panel. To be able to discover and buy quests, the users should be registered and logged-in.

The quests are related to real-world locations and specific for different cities. To achieve this functionality, we used Google Maps for Map implementation.

The first phase is with a single-player mode. It is lightweight and works fast on all Android devices above version 4.4 KitKat. The game provides the best possible performance and user experience to satisfy and encourage users to make another purchase – a new quest or to replay an old one.

Another interesting feature of the app we implemented is the Augmented reality (AR). With the help of advanced AR technologies, we made the information about the surrounding world interactive and it can be digitally altered. Parts of the real environment and its objects can be overlaid in real time. The searched object (described in the specific quest) can be scanned. It is registered, recognized and verified so that the user can continue to the following task. Free hints can also be received via the AR functionality.

Technologies Used:

  • The backend API is designed and developed on latest JAVA & Spring framework
  • The game is developed as native Android and iOS applications
  • Google Maps is used for Map implementation

Here is what CityStories’ CEO has to say about working with us:

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Process flow management software for a car repairment service (under NDA)

The goal of the project is to optimize the process flow management of a leading auto repair company with the help of a software tool which works both on web and tablet. For the project we covered the full-cycle of software product development – from concept and design creation, technical architecture and implementation, to quality assurance and final delivery.

Our client operates in cooperation with major automotive manufacturers, OEMs, insurance companies and dealer associations. We developed a high-performance management platform to help these players organize and coordinate different participants in the process. For a short period of time the mechanics can process a large number of damaged vehicles, which need to be repaired. The system also allows to organize and manage part deliveries from different suppliers.

The system transformed the complete process landscape and implemented a digital holistic approach to the operations of the company. This enabled the team to eliminate manual operations, optimized tremendously document handling and tracking, lowered sharply the financial and operational reporting times.

Technologies Used:

  • The front-end part is developed in React.JS
  • The back-end API is designed and developed on latest JAVA & Spring framework
  • Tablet app is built with React Native
  • Database management was performed with MySQL
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Ranger Marketing & Vertriebs GbmH (now part of Ströer Group)

Within the consulting process we developed a concept and technical specification for a new Recruitment Management Systems. Its main purpose is the handling of the complete recruitment process, which consists of managing various application sources and the profiles of the candidates as they go through the different stages of the recruitment process. We created an optimization model with a lot of new functionalities.

The system we suggested to develop would be able to receive up to 3000 applications per month and around 100 users – to operate at the same time. Different users would have different rights for some of the modules. Responsive web-design and good support on mobile devices is a must. The system should be available on multiple languages — German, English, French, etc.

The process for development is sprint-based, with 2-weeks sprints (SCRUM), where the back-end development will start parallel to the wireframes/design development.

For better support of the recruitment process we discussed the implementation of the following modules:

  • Calendar module – for scheduling appointments for interviews, training days & first days.
  • Candidates module – for Searching in candidate database, creating a new candidate profile; editing a candidate profile and adding an application to a candidate profile.
  • Applications module for managing the applications and moving them through the stages of the process.
  • Job ads module – for creating a job ad, managing them and publishing job ads to different platforms.
  • Some interesting features we discussed to be provided are:
  • The option to attach documents to candidate’s application.
  • Recognition of duplicating applications and signal of application status.
  • Function to take over and fill in information in the candidate’s profile from business social platforms like LinkedIn/XING/Indeed-profilers.
  • Option for CV parsing – when applying and attaching CV the system should be able to read the information from the attached file(s) and fill in the application in the system. The data is provided to the applicant to confirm before being saved in the system.
  • Click-to-Call – The system to be able to visualize each phone number as a link. When a user clicks the link, the telephone should start dialing the phone number.
  • User to be able to give status of the call (if the interview with the candidate was successful or not) in the “Call” menu window; also a text field for notes and the options to enter a new appointment.
  • Automatic reminders by mail and SMS for users and applicants.
  • Opt-in function which includes sending of emails to applicants with a link to a privacy policy with the option (checkbox) for the applicant to confirm that her/his data may be kept by the company after the recruitment process is over.
  • The system may have text templates for e-mails and postal, sent within the process of recruiting.
  • Option for delayed correspondence where the user will be able to set a specific date for sending the mail.

Workflow & processes

Here we agree to provide specific software services (requirement specification, design, development, QA), that your project needs for a specified price or price range. There is a start and end date of the project and we have well defined requirements and technologies, which can’t vary during the time of the project.

Read More About Our Fixed-Bid Process

The Agile methodology is an iterative, team-based approach to the software development, which allows us to provide the needed flexibility for our customers during the development process. We aim to rapidly deliver complete functional components based on client’s well understood requirements and priorities, so that we assure we build the right product for them.

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