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Applied Technologies:

Mobile: iOS

Web: React.js; WordPress

Back-end: Ruby on Rails; PostgreSQL


Mobile Development

Back-end Development

Front-end Development

Project Management

Quality Assurance


1+ years



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Quick description:

Co-work7x24 offers a web-platform and a mobile-app with the same name dedicated to helping co-working spaces and co-workers cooperate easier and faster. For co-working space owners and managers, the platform offers a fast and easy way to build up, advertise and market their business. The app helps co-workers and freelancers to find a co-working space at any location they are at. They can also build a community where they have the opportunity to share and acquire new skills, receive financial benefits all through the marketplace.

Details about the project:

For co-working space owners

The owners of co-working spaces can list their places through the app, providing information about working hours, location, a short description and pictures. They can track who is visiting their place in real time and have access to user history – previous booking information, payment and appearance loyalty. The system provides very flexible and customizable price forming. Cowork7x24 offers digital tools for managing internal operations – from bookings and/or booking requests to payments tracking, from asset-management to analytics capabilities, allowing users to make the most of their space.

For freelancers

The marketplace for co-workers is app & web-based. It is designed for ease-of-use, allowing the user to create a detailed profile and then choose and book a space in just a few steps. The location-based search makes this process even easier. The platform includes tools for co-workers to engage and interact with each other and with the co-working spaces by leaving comments, ratings and sharing experience. Location-independent workers can participate in communities based on their profession and interests, visit events, collaboratе and socializе.

Admin panel

Cowork7x24 is equipped with a complex admin panel where the admin can:

  • View, filter and edit all available information;
  • Block and unblock users;
  • Export data in Excel;
  • Track user history (the digital prints they leave while in the app): what they visit, where they click, their unfinished bookings, etc.

In addition

The platform includes a complex rating & review system, where categories and their “weight” on the overall rating is completely customizable. You can also import ratings from different services, e.g. Google,, etc.

Another advantage are the flexible passes for digital nomads, which can be limited and unlimited, depending on validity (period of time) and coverage (for some or all co-working spaces on the app).

There are other interesting features like pin board for advertisements and various loyalty programs.


  • Cowork7x24 allows payments through PayPal.
  • The platform is integrated with Eventbrite giving the opportunity to link events to certain co-working space.
  • Upcoming integrations could be with Wi-Fi systems, keyless door-access management systems, printers, communication tools, other payment systems, etc.
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