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About the project







Applied Technologies:

Web: Ruby on rails

Raspberry Pi III: Node.js; Bash & Bluetooth protocols


Blood-pressure monitor





Raspberry Pi III


Back-end Development

Project Management


2-3 months development + 2 years support



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Quick description:

Telehealth is system for remote health services. It regularly monitors the status of chronically ill patients and improves the healthcare quality of the population. The benefits of the system are complex and create conditions to ensure timely medical assistance to the people living in small towns. On the other hand, its implementation is reducing the costs for transportation of residents of the municipality and shortens the delivery time of health services to citizens.

Details about the project:

The project is based on the concept of IoT (Internet of things), which enables objects to connect easily and exchange data with each other. We performed a serious research and testing of different hardware options to find the ones that suit best to the requirements of the project.

The healthcare cloud system allows simultaneous, 24/7 remote monitoring and recording of various vital parameters of multiple subjects. Telehealth is built of two independent components that work together to provide the information – cloud system and hardware elements.

The software part consists of interfaces for recording and storing data with vital indicators. It is responsible for their keeping and displaying in the right manner for doctors and assistants. In the admin panel, doctors can view statistics for each patient. The system also monitors deviations from the reference values of the measured parameters and can send alert messages via SMS and email to the doctors and relatives of the patients.

Telehealth is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The data security is guaranteed and prevents unauthorized access. The platform access is implemented via secure channels and protocols. The communication with the hardware components is also done through a secure connection. The system is accessible from various devices – PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone and through different browsers and operating systems. The user interface allows flawless functioning of the system on devices with different screen sizes because of its’ responsive design.

Infoleven is assuring the support of the system till present day.

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