Are You Up for Lightning the Future with a Proprietary ERP Connecting Crowd Funding with Solar Investing?

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Green energy and sustainable resource management require thoughtful planning, expert system implementation, and top-line solutions for monitoring and optimization. We are here to help you blend intelligent conceptual design with cutting-edge personalized solutions for energy management!

What Our Partners Have Achieved So Far with Our Support

A Platform for Crowd-lending and Renewable Energy Investments

We developed a complete software solution consisting of an internal ERP system, a customized CRM solution, and a user-facing crowd-investing platform.

The software maps the entire business process from selling and setting up a project to financing the project through a crowd-investing portal, tracking the project performance, and sending payments to the investors.

The app collects, processes, and compares the overall project data and visualizes it in different user-specific dashboards. In addition, the system provides automatic predictions, analytics, and reporting.

Proprietary IoT Solution and Web Dashboard

Our partner develops smart solutions for monitoring the HVAC systems in commercial buildings and detecting anomalies. The platform supports property and maintenance managers in achieving user comfort, higher energy efficiency, and fault-free building services using advanced data analytics and machine learning.

The developed system is finding anomalies and faults in the equipment of buildings. First, the software solution collects and digitizes the available data. Then it performs automated Fault detection and diagnostics (FDD) for the technical equipment. Finally, all relevant data is displayed to the users on a Web Dashboard in the form of tables and graphical charts.

Central Platform for Energy Suppliers

Our customer is a full-service provider for the energy industry in Germany. We've helped them build their central platform for energy suppliers. All contract, market, and billing data are recorded in the portal. The information is available for evaluation in a clearly visualized manner.

The automated software solution meets the requirements of a highly complex process of energy supplies that includes hundreds of delivery points, with different delivery quantities and various tariffs. Therefore, the information is frequently updated, and all adjustments should also be correctly reflected in the billing. In addition, different stakeholders can maintain data independently as their rights are assigned via a role concept.

You Can Get Specific Expertise From Infoleven in the Energy Niche

Innovative energy solutions are among the main focal points of our work. As a part of our niche expertise, we are experienced in:
Custom ERP systems
Smart management of resources and projects with tailor-made systems that consolidate and streamline data and operations.
Utility Billing
Automated billing and invoicing, payment processing and payment tracking, performance monitoring, and optimizations.
Power Station Software
Quality-focused software solutions for the building and management of photovoltaic power stations of different sizes.
Smart Home Solutions
Smart building software - including lighting, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, fault diagnosis, and maintenance.
Energy Measurement
Energy measurement solutions devised to collect and analyze energy consumption data from different metering devices.
Analytical Tools
Augmented analytics and process optimization with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning systems.
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Why Choose Infoleven as Your Trusted Partner?

We strive to implement the highest standards when it comes to process and product quality, communication, and collaboration. When reaching out to us, you will be guaranteed the following advantages:
High Quality
We write high-quality easy to maintain code. All our software passes a quality assurance (QA) process.
Diverse Team
You will work with a cross-functional, managed software development team that has broad technical and operational expertise.
Quick Start
Our collaboration can be initiated in a very short term - mostly up to 4 weeks, followed by swift onboarding and organizational planning.
With an excellent price-performance ratio, you will gain capacity for your energy project with lower risk than hiring and managing your own team.
Full Service
We cover the entire cycle of software development - from the concept and design to the ongoing maintenance of the final product.
Easy Communication
Our account managers speak German, and the entire team is fluent in English. We only use reliable communication platforms and solutions.

What Do Our Clients and Partners Say?

You Need a Flawless Process and Results – Here Is How We Do It

Energy Niche Know-How
We've completed multiple successfully operating projects in overall process management, resource planning and data analytics for green-energy companies.
Focused on Germany
Our broad experience with German-based customers helps us understand and follow the highest German quality standards.
Result-Oriented Culture
We take responsibility and move together to achieve the results while communicating tasks and progress in a direct and open manner.
On-Site Delivery Manager
We can facilitate the timely production of the software product by optionally assigning a German-speaking delivery manager. They will engage with effective management of team members and work schedules
Data Security and GDPR
We are based in the EU, and we have all the necessary processes and practices in place to ensure compliance with the GDPR.
ISO Certified
We are ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified in Information Security Management and ISO 9001:2015 certified in Quality Management.

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