About Us

A web and mobile development company based in Sofia, Bulgaria

We offer long-term services for corporate clients, as well as project-based support for SME

We started in 2015 and we've been evolving ever since. Our team grew from 4 to 40 people at present – all young, enthusiastic, dedicated and fresh.

We spent this time constantly improving our workflow, according to our client's needs and project specifications so that we can deliver precise and high-quality services. To do so, we work with the latest technologies and offer additional services – Concept development, UX/UI, front-end and back-end programming, QA, coordination, and communication (see our technologies).

Company Purpose

Infoleven's purpose is to build a great place to work at – a safe environment that allows you to experiment, learn, improve, grow and inspire others to do the same! We make a positive difference in the world by developing solutions that help our partners achieve their goals and solve real problems!

Culture and Values

We constantly strive for improvement! Feedback keeps us moving forward!
We are not afraid to take accountability!
We strive for quality! We don't cut corners!
We keep our commitments!
We embrace challenges and get things done!
We believe in other people and that they are responsible and trustworthy!
As people we're all equal and every team member's opinion is equally important for us! We treat every person with respect!
We work in an environment of trust and safety!
We put our team before our egos! We support and count on each other!
And we love what we do!

Boyko (our CEO) talks about Infoleven

Our Clients

Our clients are based in Germany, Switzerland, Malta, the UK, France, Canada, Bulgaria, Russia and Turkey. We have worked on various projects and this gives us the confidence and certainty that we can meet your requirements and materialize your ideas. You can check out some of them on our Projects page.

We'd love to help you out with your project and share our experience and expertise!

We want to be more social and transparent with our partners than ever and our presence on social media is the next step to doing that. You can follow, subscribe or just Like some of our profiles in LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Instagram for more of what we are up to next!
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