Our Birthday celebration

As we mentioned earlier on our Facebook page – we had our second birthday on the 15th of February. Of course, we didn’t miss the opportunity to celebrate it with a party!

In the evening of the said day we got together in our office to have some fun, take pictures and collect good memories accompanied by drinks, food, music and games.

Our HR team always takes great care for the event organization, decoration and team spirit so they came up with a Oscars-like rewarding ceremony. We all had to vote anonymously for the categories of “Bug fixer”, “Server breaker”, “Mr./Mrs. Grumpy”, “Mr./Mrs. Smile”, “Always in a meeting”, “Employee of the year” and… “Mr. SEXY” ;). The chosen ones received diplomas and fun prizes related to the nomination they won.

We played a special, Infoleven personalized kind of darts, where you could aim for the picture of your least favorite colleagues or departments. 😊 What a great way to take off the pressure of the day and show your sense of humor.

And what’s a birthday party without a cake?! We were surprised by a delicious pastry branded with our logo and shaped in a 2:

We had an awesome time together yet again. We are proud of what we’ve achieved and how much we’ve grown for the past two years! One of the most important things we have accomplished and sustained is to build strong friendships and trust among each other. It was a special moment for both our founders, the colleagues who work since the beginning of the company and even the newer members of the team. We’re all looking forward to the upcoming year and the opportunities it may bring!

The Infoleven team