Our Christmas party

As we mentioned in our previous post – Christmas is time for love, warmth and hope. But it is also time for getting together with your family and loved ones and showing gratitude.
So as one big family Infoleven team got together at our office and we had an awesome holiday celebration!
To ensure that the Christmas mood is present throughout the whole holiday period, we’ve put some effort in decorating our office a week earlier. We had a lot of fun while doing it not only because of the Christmas spirit and color all around, but also because it’s a different kind of teamwork.
During the party, we had a splendid time together – we enjoyed some good music, small talk, food and drinks, and we also received some goodies. Two weeks earlier everyone drew another person’s name from a box to make them a small present at the party. As a surprise from the company everyone received a cool Infoleven t-shirts and individual heart-warming thank you cards. Another thing we didn’t expect at all was a huge package we got for the whole team with a foosball. We started testing immediately its reputation of a great tool to de-stress and have some team fun. So far, so good.
After spending some meaningful time together and enjoying each others company, we had a well-deserved holiday to recharge for the upcoming 2018!
The Infoleven team