Spreading the Christmas spirit

Christmas is a special time of the year. It is a time for giving love, hope and warmth.

This year we took part in a charity organisation called Time Heroes. This is a free platform helping various social and cultural causes via charity and volunteers – for example donating food for pet shelters, providing different supplies for orphanages, preserving historical heritage, giving presents or clothes to children in need, etc.
This year we decided to give toys to kids. So everyone brought a toy and we gathered a looot of toys in our office.

It was our first time joining in such an activity but it sure won’t be our last. We are really happy that we brought smiles and happiness to children and hope we encourage more people to do so.

But also we made sure not to forget about our friends and clients. 🙂
We wanted to make everyone feel special and appreciated so we made some cool personalised mugs and Christmas socks with hand-written tags. Everyone got a mug, a branded pen and a branded anti-stress cloud (because we want to take the stress away).

It was an exciting experience for us and we ended 2017 filled with joy. Now we are ready to kick-start 2018 with positive vibes and motivation.
The Infoleven team