Kick start of “Do Work You Love Breakfast” in Sofia, Bulgaria

“Do Work You Love Breakfast” has managed to connect hundreds of people around the topic “find & do work that you love”. The Munich-based well-known recurring event is brought to Sofia and co-organized by Infoleven. With the main goal of business networking, inspiring conversations with great people and delicious coffee, meetings had started in 2016 and kept its successful path from Germany to Bulgaria. It’s gathering like-minded people – Entrepreneurs, People in Employment, Freelancers and Students who believe that work can and should be fun. Attendees are not scared to get up early and start their day before other fellow citizens and even share that it’s a great way to dive into the new work week with energy and motivation.

Sofia’s “Do Work You Love Breakfast” was held in Infoleven’s office in the heart of the city on the first working Monday of 2018. Truly motivated, open-minded and positive people from various spheres (marketing, HR, telecommunication, IT, etc.) were engaged into insightful and inspiring conversations, sharing a cup of coffee and breakfast. With the help and advice of event’s founder Galina Bankova, Infoleven’s team managed to host first of a kind meeting for people to share experiences how to be satisfied of what you do and go through the day with enthusiasm. Galina’s expertise in helping people discovering and evaluating their talents, strengths and skills, to dream big, but also set smart goals, is truly implemented in all her events.

The successful start and the positive feedback we’ve received fills us with excitement and hope for our next early morning “Do Work You Love Breakfast” in Sofia.

Stay tuned!