The nightmare before Christmas is just for those who dare!

Oh my! Another year coming to an end, leaving us proud and highly motivated. We’ve been through many ups and downs but only to grow and become better! Together we achieved a lot, we were fearless to make mistakes and never stopped learning. Already excited about the achievements ahead of us in 2019, but it is time to celebrate first.

With just days to go for Christmas, our hearts are filled with excitement and the preparations are already in full swing – decorating Christmas trees with ornaments, the office shining in vibrant sparkling colours, and of course – exchanging gifts.

But this is not it! Our Infoleven Claus hold a big surprise for the whole team – PlayStation console – to ensure that apart from working hard on our software projects, we will share some fun together.

Exceptional at what we do, we also have unheard-of parties! This year the Halloween spooky spirit stumbled through a portal to our Christmas celebration and turned it dark and horrifying. Colours – black and grey, corners – draped in spider webs… spine-chilling portraits giving you a scare. The nightmare before Christmas is just for those who dare!

The Infoleven team