Custom Logistic and Tracking System

About the project

  • Company
  • Services
    System architecture
    Front-end Development
    Back-end Development
    Technical Project Management
    Quality Assurance
    UI/UX Design
  • Industry
    Manufacturing, Retail
  • Duration
    12+ months
  • Location
  • Methodology
  • Applied technologies
    Java Spring

Details about the project

Our customer needed a back-office web application for management of stock and deliveries in different warehouses. The system supports a huge number of storehouses with different stock items.

The goal of the web app was digitalizing the whole delivery and tracking process. It allows the tracking of individual items with unique serial numbers during their whole lifetime, verification of their quantities and deliveries.

The back-office employees can issue different types of "orders" within the system. Mainly they could execute delivery order to transport goods between warehouses or from a warehouse to a customer. Additionally, there can be orders for pickup, repair, maintenance or refurbishment of the items. In every case, orders are dispatched to an appropriate partner who can handle it. Then feedback is collected back after the order is processed (e.g. successfully executed or not) and the status of the item is updated in the system. A full log of all operations and changes of location and a full history of the item is kept and can be exported.

Customers are also allowed to order goods on their own through a web-shop.

There are integrations with the various systems of the different external partners as well as with the company's internal SAP. The system supports exporting the data in excel as well as importing orders with excel and CSV.
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