Banking and money transfer application

About the project

  • Company
  • Services
    System architecture
    Front-end Development
    Technical Project Management
    Quality Assurance
  • Industry
  • Duration
    12+ months
  • Location
  • Methodology
  • Applied technologies
    React Native,

Details about the project

Our customer is a fintech startup based in the UK. They needed a partner to technically implement web and native mobile applications (iOS and Android), which provide international payments online and support different currencies.

The application we helped them build, offers services like personal prepaid debit card, currency conversions and cross-border money transfers between users. In order to control expenses, there is a finance dashboard and real-time tracking of payments for the customers. They can also top up the account through a credit card.

A prepaid physical (plastic) and virtual card allows users to spend their balance in different countries and different currencies. For additional security there are card controls like freezing your card, restricting certain types of payments, etc.

We supported the process of sign up and onboarding of new customers and integrated the necessary identity verification services to meet Know Your Customer (KYC) policy requirements.
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