Capacity Planning and Logistic Web Dashboard

About the project

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    System architecture
    Front-end Development
    Back-end Development
    Technical Project Management
    Quality Assurance
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  • Duration
    6+ months
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Details about the project

The main goal of the project is to automate the capacity planning process of our customer by developing a web-based system. It supports and optimizes the process of movement of goods from a transportation hub (warehouse) to the final delivery destination.

We replaced the existing excel capacity planning model with a Web Dashboard that offers the same functionality but in a simplified, customizable, and scalable way. The system allows fully automated data retrieval and processing. Additionally, there are fields with manually inserted information that should also be considered.

The web dashboard is login protected and provides the visualization of key data. An authenticated user can generate and download a report upon request.

The main benefits of the Web Dashboard are:

  • high-level of accuracy;
  • automated process and less ongoing maintenance effort;
  • scalable, flexible, can be extended further with more functionalities;
  • intuitive and user friendly (e.g. any user who is not yet familiar with the excel model can use the dashboard to simulate a capacity situation).
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