tracdelight - a BURDA platorm

About the project

Munich, Germany
Lifestyle and fashion network
12+ months
Applied technologies

Quick description

tracdelight GmbH is the largest network and full-service provider for authentic micro and macro influencer marketing in Germany. tracdelight connects publishers (bloggers, influencers, etc.) with fashion, beauty, home, food and sport brands and gives them the opportunity to earn money by sharing their products on social media and blog posts.

Details about the project

In cooperation with the tracdelight team, Infoleven did the full revamp and transfer of the old system onto a new, freshly build platform. We've rebuilt the publisher platform, working on both the front-end and backend part of the project. The business logic of the system was kept untouched and in addition we implemented improved user interface.

We developed an automation tool, that helps publishers create a widget, which is filled automatically with a defined set of products. The users can choose between different layouts and product sets. All available products can be controlled by a set of filters (category, price, brand, etc.). Some of the filters feature an include/exclude switch.

One of the greatest advantages of the application is the precise statistics the system extracts with a detailed information about the bloggers' website visits and clicks. This data helps publishers improve their advertisement strategy. Infoleven took part in the adjustment and writing of the statistics back-end logic and entirely created the front-end part.

Another interesting feature we created is the tracking link generator extension, which can be used on Google Chrome.

Our partners at tracdelight were particularly happy with the ability of the team to apply the agile methodology and cooperate with a product owner from client's side. Our team successfully collaborated within a larger project team distributed on different locations. The online meetings were supported by planned on-site visits from both companies. Regular feedback rounds enhanced the positive progress and development of the team to ensure our long-term partnership.
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