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Web: Java Spring


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Quick description:

We implement new software and integrate existing systems for one of Malta’s largest telecoms, operating in the field of mobile telephone networks, fixed lines, internet, Wi-Fi, and TV.

Details about the project:

360-degree view of customers

This is a system of client profiles, which records detailed customer information from different channels and accounts. Key data relates to demographics, financial transactions, environment (profession, education, income and even merchant records such as retail purchases and travel expenses), behavior (ex. digital footprints that the customer leaves when visiting the company website, using mobile app or interacting in social network) and social (customer ‘Likes’, retweets and comments).

The 360° view provides the user with customer insights and analysis, giving the opportunity to improve client segmentation and predict client buying behavior. Collected data also helps to deliver adequate support service, personalized sales proposals and marketing messages. This results in improving customer experiences and engagement.

Amber alert system

Amber alert is a worldwide program requiring public assistance to quickly detect missing or abducted children. The system allows law enforcement agencies to send out a notification to registered app users, located within a certain radius with information about a child, whose life and health are currently at risk. The channels for message spreading can be Social media, Radio and TV, RSS feed, website pop-up, AMBER Alert poster, SMS and email.

System for pre-paid cards

Our team created two web services ValidateTopup and ActionTopup for processing pre-paid cards. The customer presents the verification number code from the pre-paid card, which has to be confirmed. ValidateTopup validates the number, the cash provided by the customer and informs if the mobile pre-paid top-up process should proceed. All top-up attempts are first authorized through this web service method before any action is performed. ActionTopup is performing the actual top-up, following the authorization via ValidateTopup.

Remote diagnostics of modems

Melita is providing an Internet broadband to their customers, which is delivered via modems and routers, property of the telecom. Therefore, the teams handling and maintaining the devices had to find a solution to remote check and target potential modems/routers that needed some adjustment or fixing. The system we assisted them build is collecting data from the routers/modems and then is returning different analytics to the technicians. The received information helps support teams to plan better and facilitates their work.

Client page

There you can have access to your personal profile and after a log in you can receive information about billing and invoice, personalized sales offer, etc.

Notification system

This system allows the telecom to send informative short text messages (sms), e-mails and notifications for different occurrences like maintenance activities and system failures to their clients. It can also be used to distribute advertising and sales messages. Clients can be segmented by applying different filters.

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“Good job guys!”


Raphael Borg Ellul Vincenti

Development Team Lead at Melita Plc

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