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About the project


Ranger Marketing & Vertriebs GmbH


Direct Sales


HQ in Dusseldorf, Germany

Applied Technologies:

The plan was to implement the system with:

Front-end: React.JS

Back-end: Java Spring

Database: PostgreSQL 


Project Management

UI/UX Design

Software Development

Business Consulting


Concept and Technical Elicitation


8 Weeks


The plan was to implement the system with SCRUM

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Quick description:

This is a complex project, focused on developing a new Recruitment Management Systems, which will improve the functionality of the old one by adding a lot of new functionalities. Its main purpose remains the handling of the complete recruitment process, which consists of managing the profiles of the candidates and their applications as they go through the different stages of the recruitment process.

Details about the project:

Our client Ranger Marketing & Vertriebs GmbH is one of the leading European companies for personal customer service. They wanted the development of a concept and technical specification for their project and on a later stage execution of the project in practice.

The system should be able to receive up to 3000 applications per month and around 100 users should be able to operate work with it at the same time. Different users should have different rights for some of the modules. Responsive web-design and good support on mobile devices is a must. The system should be available on multiple languages — German, English, French, etc.

What Infoleven offered was a sprint-based development, with 2-weeks sprints (aka SCRUM), where the back-end development will start parallel to the wireframes/design development.


For better support of the recruitment process we discussed the implementation of the following modules:

  • Calendar module – for scheduling appointments for interviews, training days & first days.
  • Candidates module – for Searching in candidate database, creating a new candidate profile; editing a candidate profile and adding an application to a candidate profile.
  • Applications module for managing the applications and moving them through the stages of the process.
  • Job ads module – for creating a job add, managing them and publishing job adds to different platforms.


Some interesting features we discussed to be provided are:

  • The option to attach documents to candidate’s application.
  • Recognition of duplicating applications and signal of application status.
  • Function to take over and fill in information in the candidate’s profile from business social platforms like LinkedIn/XING/Indeed-profilers.
  • Option for CV parsing – when applying and attaching CV the system should be able to read the information from the attached file(s) and fill in the application in the system. The data is provided to the applicant to confirm before being saved in the system.
  • Click-to-Call – The system should be able to visualize each phone number as a link. When a user clicks the link, the telephone should start dialing the phone number.
  • User should be able to give status of the call (if the interview with the candidate was successful or not) in the “Call” menu window; also a text field for notes and the options to enter a new appointment.
  • Automatic reminders by mail and SMS for users and applicants.
  • Opt-in function which includes sending of emails to applicants with a link to a privacy policy with the option (checkbox) for the applicant to confirm that her/his data may be kept by the company after the recruitment process is over.
  • The system may have text templates for e-mails and postal, sent within the process of recruiting.
  • Option for delayed correspondence where the user will be able to set a specific date for sending the mail.


Infoleven has expertise for this kind of projects and will gladly assist you with its execution.

Example dedicated team for the implementation of the project:

  • Software Architect
  • Project/Account Manager
  • UX/UI Designer
  • Software Developers for Front-End and Back-End
  • Quality Assurance Expert
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