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Full Stack Project Development

From the idea to a complete product! We have all your needs covered – UI and UX design, Front-End and Back-End development, QA, Project Management and Maintenance. We are using various workflows, we follow and adapt according to the project needs – we can go agile or waterfall. We start off with clearing out the concept of your project and deciding which workflow and technologies would be best to use. Our team works according to the selected workflow and we keep in touch with you throughout the development process. This way we reach maximum efficiency and quality in our common operations. To ensure you receive the best quality and performance, the product goes through visual and functional QA testing within the time of coding and before the final delivery.

Specific Development Services

We also provide specific individual services in order to complete your project! For example, you can bring us a completed design for coding: Front-end, Back-end or both. On the other hand, we can just design the user interface, redesign an existing one or complete a project that has already started. We start off by clarifying the overall concept, goals, what has been done so far (if we are picking up an already started project), how to further proceed and think of a strategy and workflow for your specific needs.


HTML5, CSS3, LESS, SASS, Bootstrap, Foundation, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular.JS, Backbone.JS, React.JS


JEE & Java Spring, ASP.NET & ASP.NET MVC, Ruby on Rails

UX & UI Design

User experience and interface concept development

Mobile Development

We offer native and hybrid mobile solutions for your business needs

Project Management

The quality of our production is monitored at every step of the workflow

Quality Assurance

Functional and visual testing followed by bug fixing

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А Long Term, Dedicated Team

We provide dedicated teams to complete the software part of your project. A single team of people with the required skills is formed according to the project’s specifics and longevity. The team members concentrate only on one project at a time so they are well-informed and focused on the project’s specifications, scopes, workflow and business goals. This way we achieve maximum productivity, a speedy working process and flexibility. With a dedicated team, you get continuous communication, weekly reports and telephone conferences, which allows you to indicate if something needs to be improved. We use tools like Jira, Skype, email or specific software requested by you to track and manage the project’s development. That’s how we ensure visibility and cooperation on a daily basis.

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